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Heavy Duty Rubber Doors and Other Options

If you have the need for an industrial door at your warehouse or other property, you will have a few different options from which to choose. Your choice will come down to which attributes are the most important to you, as some doors are light and inexpensive, while others are cost a little bit more, but are extremely durable. A number of businesses are now going with heavy duty rubber doors because they provide the best of both worlds. Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of each type of door before making your final decision.

Metal Doors
Traditionally, metal doors have been used in an industrial setting. These doors are usually placed on a pulley system, which allows you to move them up and down by hand. In some cases, these doors are operated electronically, especially in situations where they are opened and closed frequently. The main issue with these doors is that they do not open and close very quickly and they are prone to denting. This is not a major issue in some industries, but those who use forklifts and trucks might want to invest in something that is a little more durable.

Rubber Doors
One of the newer technologies in the industry is heavy duty rubber doors. These doors are designed to take all kinds of abuse, as they do not dent and are very difficult to break. If you happen to hit one of these doors with a forklift or truck, it will simply knock it off its track. You can then repair the door on your own by sliding it back into the track, which minimizes its downtime. As a bonus, these doors react very well in extremely weather conditions and can open and close at a much faster pace. These are the main reasons for the popularity of rubber doors and why we are seeing them in so many new places.

Those who already have metal doors installed can also install a rubber bumper. While this is not as durable as installing some heavy duty rubber doors around your property, it does provide some protection and can prevent denting. Unfortunately, it does not protect the pulley system or hinges in case of an impact, which means that serious damage can still occur.


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