What Conditions Can Be Treated By Vascular Surgery in Hamilton Township?

What Conditions Can Be Treated By Vascular Surgery in Hamilton Township? Vascular surgery in Hamilton Township describes a variety of procedures done on the veins. It can be cosmetic, like removing spider veins, or it can be done to treat a serious condition like a venous ulcer. The various procedures are performed in the office. They are minimally invasive, and the patient will typically need only a local anesthetic.

What Are Spider Veins?
Spider veins, also known as thread veins, are small and damaged veins that can look like webs, branches or lines. They typically appear on the face or legs, and they can be blue, purple or red. They are generally not painful.

Like varicose veins, spider veins are caused by a condition called venous insufficiency in which the valves in the veins stop working properly. The blood thus stops flowing in the proper direction and pools within the vein. That accumulation eventually causes the vein to bulge and become visible against the skin.

What Is Venous Stasis Dermatitis?
Venous stasis dermatitis is a skin condition that most commonly affects people with conditions that impair the circulation of blood in their legs. Such conditions include venous insufficiency, congestive heart failure, and deep vein thrombosis.

Symptoms include swollen, reddened, or itchy skin, especially over varicose veins. The inside of the lower leg and ankle may swell, especially if the patient has been standing for a long time. As the condition worsens, the patient may develop ulcers, and their skin can become scaly and hard.

What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?
Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a common condition in which the patient feels compelled to move their legs. They also experience tingling, itching, or burning sensations that are relieved only by moving. The symptoms are most severe at night.

While RLS can be a neurological condition, it also develops in people with venous insufficiency. Many people who get their vascular conditions treated find that their RLS also improves.

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