What a Disability Lawyer Can Do for You

People file for disability for various reasons. Some get injured on the job, while others develop illnesses or autoimmune diseases that prevent them from working. If you’ve suddenly become disabled, you’ll want to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) so you can pay your bills. And while this process can take up to two or three years, a disability attorney can help you. Here’s how.

Assist You With Paperwork

The application process for disability insurance is quite extensive. You must fill out detailed forms about your disability, work history, income and various other pieces of information. A disability lawyer in Lake County can help ensure you’re filling out the right forms and doing it correctly.

Recommend Various Tests or Forms

Disability attorneys usually appear in court frequently. They know that cases are won or lost with various medical documents. Your attorney, for example, may recommend that you call your family doctor to document any chronic condition like severe asthma that may qualify as disabled under social security. They may also recommend a psychological test.

Coordinate Your Efforts

Your disability lawyer from Lake County can ensure the Social Security office receives all of your documents. Most of these attorneys have direct links to this government agency.

Be an Advocate at Hearings

The hearing is the last stage of the disability process. It comes after the initial evaluation and first appeal. Since your disability attorney has been to hearings before, he knows what questions the judge will ask and how to answer them. He can also serve as a proponent against any occupational expert your Social Security office invites to the hearing.

Increase Your Chances of Winning

It’s common knowledge that having a disability lawyer in Lake County present at your hearing can increase your chances of winning. He can offer advice, including how to dress, to help you win your case. He can also instruct you on how to answer the judge’s questions.

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