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Finding Power Transmission Products In Texas

In any industry, when suppliers to customers have a solid working relationship with their stocking manufacturers’ representative, they have an advantage. In the oil fields in Texas, or anywhere that oil is a part of the economy, having the parts needed to keep the equipment up and running is a critical consideration.

For belts, bands and jaw couplings, as well as bushings and sleeves, having a reliable distributor to turn to is an important part of being competitive in the market. When your oil field customers know they can call on you and have the parts they need delivering quickly, your company has an advantage over other suppliers who may have to wait days for delivery.

Not all suppliers of oilfield materials and parts offer a top selection of power transmission products. As these products are often relatively low cost, keeping a small inventory on hand is common for most suppliers. However, with the wide variety of belts, bands, couplings and other parts, it is impossible to have everything in stock.

Local Companies with Expertise

Outside of the major cities in Texas, finding a reliable source for power transmission products starts with looking for stocking manufacturers’ representatives that have years in the industry and are located close to your business and your customers.

There are only a small number of these companies, but with their strategic location in the west Texas area, they are convenient for suppliers to access and quickly supply parts for customers.

Additionally, these companies that specialize in power transmission products can be invaluable in knowing which belts will match with different pulleys, systems, and equipment, allowing you to provide your customers with options. The distributors can also recommend the best quality of products, extending the life cycle of the belt or component while also minimizing downtime for unscheduled repairs.

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