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Tree stumps get in the way. They are a hazard for tripping and falling when they are in your yard. They are also an impediment to your lawn care activities. A run-in with the lawn mower could result in a damaged lawnmower and an unsightly mess. Instead of having to dodge tree stumps on your property, call us for stump removal Peachtree City GA.

Our technicians work as efficiently as possible to grind away the entire tree stump. You do not have to be home when we do the work. We can grind away one tree stump or a dozen in a visit to your property. When we complete the grinding, we can leave the sawdust if you want to use it for mulch or composting. If you prefer that we take it with us, just let us know. The choice is yours.

Tree stump removal creates a tidier property. When we are done, you can add some topsoil and grass seed to fill in the area. You could also plant flowers or other ground cover there. Many people want the old stump removed so that they can plant a new tree close to where the old one used to be. Maybe you need the tree stump removed so that you can add a different feature to your property, such as a patio, pathway, in-ground swimming pool or a vegetable garden.

When you are in need of tree stump removal Peachtree City GA, contact us at 770-Tree-Guys. Our team of arborists and technicians is able to get rid of tree stumps anywhere on your property. Give us a call today in order to schedule a consultation and receive an estimate for our services. You may also visit us online at http://770treeguy.com/ for more details about our tree stump removal services.

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