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A Bail Bond Agent in Fairfield, CT Can Help When Mentally Ill and Addicted Defendants Need Release

Prison reform advocates recognize the unique problems of mentally ill individuals who have been incarcerated after conviction. Less commonly addressed is the topic of defendants who are in municipal or county jails waiting for trial or another end to their case. They may suffer from a serious mental illness or a substance addiction. Their families are scared of what could happen to them as the defendants stay behind bars. A bail bond agent in Fairfield, CT is ready to help when cash bail is too high for the family to pay.

Under the Influence

Many offenses are committed when people are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Some commit crimes to obtain money to buy drugs, such as stealing money or engaging in prostitution. After being arrested and brought to jail, they may be at risk of physical as well as psychological suffering because they cannot use the substance to which they are addicted. They need rehab treatment instead of incarceration.

Mental Health Issues and Medication Lapses

A mentally ill individual who has decided to quit taking medication may be at risk of hallucinating or experiencing delusions that cause odd behavior. Generally, these people are not dangerous, but they may be arrested for an offense while they do not understand what is happening.

For example, they might become combative with a police officer who tries to end an incident of disturbing the peace. This results in an arrest and the person being taken to jail. There, they must wait for a relative or close friend to secure their release.

Bail Bonds Service

People in need of a bail bond agent in Fairfield, CT should know that they can contact them at “inconvenient” times, such as in the middle of the night or a major holiday. People want to do what it takes to secure their loved one’s release and make sure they are safe. They also hope to complete this process within a few hours or even less with the assistance of an organization such as Aces Bail Bonds. Visit us online and find contact details.

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