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Using Tree Services in Fayetteville GA To Move A Tree

When someone wishes to move a small tree from one property to another, there are several steps that will need to be taken to ensure the safety of the tree. Many people will opt to call a business dealing with tree services in Fayetteville GA when moving a tree. They will know the right procedures in making the move and will make sure the tree is cared for gently throughout the process.

It is recommended to make a move during the winter months. This is when trees are dormant and less likely to go into shock from moving to a new habitat. The tree service will arrive at the property to prepare the tree for the move. They will dig it from the ground while trying their best to keep the roots intact as much as possible.

The property owner will be responsible for preparing the land at the new location. A large hole will need to be dug into the ground. It should be in an area away from power lines and not too close to other trees. This way the tree will not need to battle other trees for moisture when it is trying to root into the ground. In the winter, the ground will be harder to dig. It can be done on a day when temperatures are above freezing and then filled in with water the day before the tree is going to be moved. If the temperature is below freezing the day of the move, cover the hole with a trap to help keep it from turning into ice.

The tree service will remove the tree from the ground, wrap the root ball in a piece of wet burlap, and gently move it to a vehicle for transport. They will then put the tree into the hole of water and use the removed soil to place around the tree, securing it into the ground. Mulch may be placed around the tree to help it retain moisture.

If someone is looking for tree services to help with a transplanting job, they can take a look at websites of area services or visit 770-tree-guy.

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