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Use Natural Stone Products to Add Beauty to Your Home and Landscaping

The many natural stone products available to New Jersey homeowners can add beauty and function to any house or landscaping project. Stone comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, which makes it a versatile material. The following are just a few ways you can use stone to enhance your own property.

Natural stone provides many benefits when used in landscaping projects around your home. When compared to traditional mulch, it is low maintenance. You won’t need to replace it each spring, and its color won’t fade over time. Because it lasts longer, it can be much more cost-effective. Stone is non-flammable and helps keep weeds from sprouting. It is wind-resistant, and helps prevent soil erosion.

Reclaimed Stone
If you love the look of antique materials, you will appreciate all that can be done with reclaimed stone. Reclaimed stone is often used as a building material or as flooring due to its vintage look. Many homeowners enjoy using it to create a unique countertop as well. In landscaping, reclaimed stone makes wonderful pavers, steps, landings, and more! Many of these older stones are so beautiful that you can even use them alone as a decorative accent.

Brick Pavers
Brick pavers are a form of natural stone that can be utilized for many projects. This includes paths and sidewalks. The colors and shapes of pavers can be used to create a stunning pattern when installing a patio or a swimming pool. With the popularity of fire pits, many homeowners are using pavers to build their own unique fire pit or to create a seating area around existing ones.

Using the many stone products that New Jersey has available will instantly add interest to your home and landscaping ideas!

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