Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH Helps When a Child Is Sick or Injured

by | Jun 30, 2015 | HealthCare

A facility that provides Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH outside of normal business hours is a welcome service to families with young children. Without this type of clinic, the parents would be forced to bring a youngster to a hospital emergency room when medical attention is definitely needed, even if the situation is not life-threatening. That often means having to wait while people who have more serious injuries and illnesses are treated first. Children may be exposed to terrible sights in an emergency room, such as viewing victims of severe vehicle collisions being brought in on stretchers.

In contrast, a medical facility that offers Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH is much more similar to a regular health care clinic or doctor’s office. The facility either accepts walk-in patients, or it asks patients to make an appointment but sees them quickly, usually within an hour or two.

Parents can count on this medical center for diagnosing and treating problems such as:

*      bronchitis

*      chronic coughing

*      earaches

*      rashes

*      simple bone fracture

*      sprained ankle

*      strep throat

Parents commonly have to deal with all sorts of illnesses and injuries afflicting their young children. Most of these can be handled at a clinic such as Eastside Urgent Care. A person interested in more information might want to check out the clinic’s YouTube Channel.

For instance, a child who pushes a tiny toy up a nostril may need a nurse or other health care practitioner to safely remove it. A youngster who steps on a nail and punctures a bare foot must have the wound expertly cleaned and probably also should have a tetanus shot. A little one who develops a severe sore throat may need liquid antibiotics to cure a strep infection.

Some of these problems require quick attention to prevent a situation from worsening or becoming severe. Others could wait until morning or until the weekend has passed, but there’s no point in making a child suffer through a health problem that could be quickly resolved at a clinic. A child who can’t sleep because of a persistent cough can get relief with a prescription cough medicine. The little one feels better quickly and benefits from healing hours of sleep at home.

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