Upgrade or Add Refrigeration Services at Your Location Using Customized Refrigeration Panels

Refrigeration areas are a critical part of some businesses. Everything from food manufacturers, electronics, and pharmaceuticals are dependent on keeping some items at a lower temperature. Add or upgrade a refrigerated area with quality panels that look great, function well, and save you money on cooling costs.

Adjust the R-Factor with Insulation Material and Thickness

The more you increase the R-factor of your refrigeration area, the colder the temperatures will stay sing the least amount of energy. The amount and type of insulation material used in the refrigeration panels will make a dfference in your R-factor result. Polystyrene and polyurethane can both be used and the thickness adjusted to meet your cooling needs. Use experts in the field to install commercial refrigeration panels California businesses rely on to keep refrigerated areas the perfect temperature.

Indoor Refrigeration Additions or Outdoor Construction

Your business can count on the quality construction of refrigerated areas, whether it’s inside your existing building, or it’s an addition that can be approached as an outside build. All work is done to avoid as much interruption to your business as possible. Have older, ineffective refrigerated panels removed and replaced with better performing materials.

Plan and Construct a Separate Refrigeration Building

Complete plans and construction of a separate refrigeration building are possible when you want it set off from the other part of your operation. You can choose from the type of insulation, metal for the panels, and the dimensions you need for the building. You’ll end up with a customized refrigeration area that is a standalone unit. Choose the commercial refrigeration panels California business owners are pleased with for both performance and cost savings.

Contact the refrigeration panel experts at TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Construction or visit and find out more about the benefits for your business today.

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