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File a Lawsuit for Diesel-Related Cancer

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that diesel fumes are hazardous. In fact, they can cause many different health problems to those exposed to fumes. One such illness is cancer. Even major health organizations are aware of the cancer risk associated with diesel fumes. If you were exposed to diesel fumes and are now diagnosed with cancer, there may be a legal remedy available. A diesel exhaust cancer lawyer can help you obtain compensation for cancers related to regular exposure to these fumes.

What Makes Diesel Fumes Dangerous?

Diesel fuel is dangerous because it contains toxic compounds. Fumes contain sulfur oxides, nitric oxide and carbon monoxide among others. Additionally, diesel contains soot which consists of other carcinogens. In this sense, there is a two-part threat from diesel fumes: the gas itself and the soot. Both can lead to cancer, lung disease and heart problems. Millions of people are dangerously exposed to these carcinogens on a daily basis. Those especially at risk are people who work on cars, ships and in construction. Even people handling farm equipment may be at an increased risk. If you believe you developed cancer as a result of diesel fume exposure, you need to contact a diesel exhaust cancer lawyer.

Establishing the Link

You might wonder how one proves that a cancer diagnosis is related to diesel fume exposure. Well, scientific evidence can be used to back this up. There have been numerous studies on the topic. In lab tests, it has been shown that exhausts from diesel motors cause cells to mutate. Testing on animals has also shown that these fumes can lead to lung cancer. Speak to an attorney at Diesel Injury Law for more information about this topic.

Get Legal Representation

If you lived, or worked around diesel fumes and suffered an illness, you should talk to an attorney. Contact Diesel Injury Law to discuss your case.

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