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by | Aug 8, 2013 | Dentistry

Your teeth and oral health speak volumes about you. When you smile you are showing your teeth to the world, so you want that impression to be a great one. Going to the dentist can be a scary thing, so you will want to choose a dentist that puts your mind at ease.

When getting dental work done there are many ways that the TX Carrier Dentistry ease your pain. There is the traditional Novocaine shot that will numb the area that the dentist will be addressing, or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that will relax you during the procedure. For more difficult procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction you may be placed under general anesthesia. There are also medicines that can be given through an IV and are considered “conscious sedation” in which you remain awake but unaware of the pain. Some dentists also prescribe medicines like Valium that you take orally a short time before your appointment. When taking oral medication be sure to have someone to drive you, as the medication will make driving unsafe.

When seeking a dentist in Grand Prairie be sure to check your dental insurance coverage. You will likely be limited to a few dentists in your area that participate with your insurance. When you find out which dentists take your insurance you will be able to call or visit the office to get additional information. If you do not have any dental coverage you will be able to choose any dentist you want. If you know what problem you are having you can call around to get pricing information. You will want to get the best deal as you have to pay out of pocket. Some dentists also offer payment plans for people who require extensive services.

Failure to see a dentist regularly will cause unnecessary pain and oral hygiene problems. Dental problems have been linked to heart disease. Your dentist in Grand Prairie can help you develop good habits to prevent these problems. TX Carrier Dentistry can provide preventative services like cleaning’s and sealants as well as corrective procedures like fillings and root canals.


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