Paper Shredding

Trying A Company That Provides Mobile Shredding in San Diego

When a company owner has important confidential information in document form within its walls, it will be necessary to take steps to protect these papers from those without authorization. Documents that are no longer needed will need to be destroyed in a way where the information does not get into the wrong hands. Many businesses find that using a service that does Mobile Shredding in San Diego is a great alternative to shredding paperwork in the office. Here is a rundown of what one would expect when hiring this type of service.

Paperwork Will Be Removed In Covered Enclosures

When a mobile document shredding service comes to the company, they will bring along bins or large bags to place the paperwork in. This is done quickly, so the printed material is not in view of the worker or anyone else within the company. The documents will be sealed in the enclosures and then carted to the exterior of the building to the mobile truck where they will be destroyed.

Documents Are Brought Into A Vehicle For Destroying

All material gathered from within the company will be brought to the truck for shredding. One enclosure at a time will be opened and then shredded, minimizing the risk of the worker seeing the information contained. The worker will place the paperwork in a high-powered shredder to pulverize it into minuscule pieces, making it impossible for someone to reconstruct the paperwork later. If desired, the paperwork can be returned to the company, or the service can take it away for recycling.

Those In Charge Can Watch The Procedure

The entire process when shredding the paperwork can be viewed by those in charge of the company. A monitor is provided on the exterior of the truck so the procedure can be seen in its entirety. This ensures that the worker did not read the information on the paperwork when they got into the vehicle.

If a company owner wishes to try Mobile Shredding in San Diego to destroy documentation, it is important to use a service known for their professionalism.

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