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Getting What You Want When Buying Vinyl Windows

Whatever your reason is for buying new windows, you certainly have made a good decision by looking to buy vinyl windows. These kind of windows provide excellent energy efficiency, durability, look great, can be ordered in many colors and require virtually no maintenance.

Something to Know About Energy Efficiency

Something that is very popular now is replacing single-paned windows with double-paned windows. Many manufacturers simply seal normal air in between the panes, but others will put in another gas, such as Argon, that is a better insulator. However, when it comes to dollars spent, it isn’t worth paying extra for the Argon. A Low-E coating is a type of glazing that keeps heat on the side of the glazing. So, for hot climates, the coating would be on the outside to keep heat out, and alternately in cold climates it would be on the inside window pane to keep hot air in during the winter.

Numbers You Should Know

When you are looking to purchase vinyl windows (or any other type, actually) you should know about the ratings assigned by the National Fenestration Rating Council and Energy Star.

  • Visible transmittance: this is an indication of how much visible light is let in by the window and should be between 0 and 1. The higher the number, the more light.
  • U-Factor or U-Value: this should range between 0.20 and 1.20. The better the window is at keeping heat in, the lower the number is.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient: this number should also be between 0 and 1 and indicates how well the window blocks heat from the sun. A window that blocks heat the best will have a low number. So, if you live in a cold climate, you want a window with a high coefficient.

Get the Best in Custom Windows

Whether you are looking to replace your old leaky windows, are building a new home, or adding on a room to your present home, you want the best vinyl windows money can buy. If you are lucky enough to be in the greater Los Angeles area, contact California Deluxe Windows. They manufacturer and install high quality windows to fit your budget. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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