Trust Your Skin Care to Professionals

If you are fortunate enough to live in the North County area of San Diego, California, you are also fortunate in being minutes away from the services offered by a popular medical spa. People interested in skin care in Encinitas can turn to professionals who offer everything from Botox® and light-based technology to laser hair removal and relaxing facials.

Hard Water, Bright Sun

Dermatology experts will tell you that hard water, of the kind found in San Diego, contains iron, calcium and magnesium. When these minerals dry on human beings, the results can include clogged pores and flaky, itchy skin. Of course, there are also all those beautiful, sunny days, year round, that can dry your skin, add wrinkles and in general play havoc with your complexion.

Facial Imaging

When you visit specialists in skin care in Encinitas, they may recommend that your treatment begin with facial imaging, a high-tech process that takes images of your face and the composite layers of skin. The cameras capture facial information minutely, showing in three-dimensional detail damage and wear that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Close analysis of wrinkles, fine lines, clogged pores and more allows professionals to formulate the appropriate plan that will bring your skin back to a state of vibrancy and good health.

The Skin Treatment Habit

Skin care professionals have found that following a treatment regimen is the best way to guard against aging and the blemishes that result from debris build-up in your pores. An hour-long treatment includes exfoliation and extractions, plus a therapeutic mask. You will receive a neck and shoulder massage, as well. The session will always begin with a thorough skin analysis and consultation.

Putting Light on the Subject

Photorejuvenation is FDA-approved light-based technology that removes age and sun spots and is able to effectively diffuse rosacea. Along with their skill in administering the latest technology and relaxing facials, specialists who offer professional skin care in Encinitas understand how the southern California climate affects local residents and are able to address the issues successfully.

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