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Tips on Efficient Restaurant Management

Opening a new restaurant is an exhilarating, yet stressful, experience. Whether you are fluent at the art of food service or possess a special appreciation for the business side of things, there will be endless details to monitor and alter on the fly as you gear up for restaurant success and eventually expansion. Everything from Plastic Menu Covers to table settings, servers, bartenders, kitchen staff and food ingredients need to be 100% ready for the grand opening.

Function First

Your kitchen is the heartbeat of any eatery, no matter how small or big it is. It’s the place decisions are made and meals are prepared. That’s why it is important your kitchen is set up and organized to serve all of your establishment’s needs.

Consider details like how much square footage there is to work with, how much shelving and storage space is required, and how many individuals can be accommodated within the space. The way the cooking equipment and prep stations are laid out will dictate how you most effectively store items and work towards optimal efficiency.

Staff Quality over Quantity

No job inside a kitchen is a small one; everybody has an important part to play in keeping things operating safely and smoothly. An engaged and well-trained staff will generate more quality entrees in less time, and consistently do so. It must be a priority to staff a kitchen with workers who are both invested in the success of the business and skilled at their duties.

Budgeting for Effectiveness

As you gather a clear idea of the equipment needed, consider the best method of fitting these types of purchases into an establishment’s budget. An economical choice includes buying refurbished and/or used commercial equipment, which might still come with a full or partial warrantee. An additional budget-friendly idea is to rent the equipment you don’t use on a routine basis. This same idea also applies to décor in the restaurant. For example, you can use fake flowers instead or real ones or use Plastic Menu Covers for your menus to extend the life of your menus and not have to change them out as often.

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