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What You Should Know About Kiosk Marketing

There are plenty of reasons to use kiosk marketing for your business. If you’ve only ever explored the possibility but haven’t made any attempt to turn it into a reality, this is a good time as any for you to start. Here’s some basic information about kiosks to help you out:

Self-service Technologies
Kiosks are stand-alone booths, says the Entrepreneur, which companies often use to market their wares or encourage subscription in areas that often see a lot of foot traffic. Malls, airports as well as outdoor events are just some of the likely places you’ll spot a kiosk. The popularity of kiosks is largely due to the familiarity the public has with other units that use self-service technologies. Add to that the touchscreen feature in most kiosks, one that users also encounter in their mobiles and gadgets. This consistency in user experience can contribute to the success of kiosks as a marketing tool.

While high foot traffic is a major factor in choosing locations for your kiosks, finding ones that offer customers with a measure of uninterrupted use is key as well. If there’s too much foot traffic, it can discourage users from moving forward with the transaction. This is usually true for kiosks used for information dissemination. However, kiosks that are largely task-oriented, that fulfill specific tasks or transaction, like number churning units in banks, are less likely to result in such problems.

Custom Kiosks
While there are plenty of kiosk designs out there, going for a custom kiosk design makes for better brand consistency. However, before you have it built, make sure you answer these three questions:

1. What do you expect from the customer?
2. Are your customers capable of the actions you expect from them?
3. Do your customers see the value in doing these actions?

Kiosks are, after all, self-service units. By figuring out the answers to these questions, you learn how willing your customers will be in terms of engaging in self-service, of taking on all the work for themselves, throughout the process.

That matters because not all transactions are suited for kiosk marketing. Processes that revolve around speed and efficiency rate the highest and most ideal use of kiosks for marketing. But using kiosks for transactions that rely a great deal on making a social connection with audiences can backfire.

So keep these things in mind when you consider your kiosk options. Choose the one that meets your needs the most.

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