Tips For Locating AR15 Parts

Most AR15 owners and those that are serious about their shooting spend time on customizing their guns. This allows each owner to create a unique look and a personalized shooting experience that is a great match for their style and preferences.

Finding quality, new AR15 parts can be difficult in many areas of the country. Even in areas where there are a lot of gun shops, many only carry a small selection of AR15 components and they may be rather pricey.

There are some options to consider to cut the costs of customizing a gun while also having a top selection of options and parts to choose from. There are some places that most experienced gun owners will avoid. Getting to know where to find the best deals and the best equipment doesn’t have to be trial and error if you keep a few key considerations in mind.

Avoid Online Auctions

Online auctions often provide very low prices; there is no doubt about that fact. However, there are several real concerns in buying AR15 parts online. The biggest issue is often buying from other gun owners. Typically, these individuals are selling used parts, invariably described as “almost like new.”

Often buyers find the part arrives and is more than just gently used. It may be bent, missing screws or even have significant cosmetic damage. Even at a very cheap price they may need a lot of work or even be impossible to use. Typically, sellers are not going to respond or, at best, you will end up paying for shipping and return postage just to get the refund.

Buying Online from Websites

Choosing to use a reputable manufacturer of precision AR15 parts is a very good option to the online auction or a local gun shop parts supply problems. These websites offer a good range of top parts and components all made to very exacting specifications and fully tested for use with specific weapons.

All components and parts sold are brand new. Different companies may even craft specific parts to order, as well as provide options to consider to provide just the component for your particular style.

These companies are going to carry all the basic parts and tools for repair, plus some really unique looking accessories. Most will offer both individual parts and complete kits or packages as well as a variety of types of hunter and shooter merchandise. Customer service and support, tech help and even returns are all available through these types of purchases, making them a top choice.

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