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Truck Accidents in Allentown, PA- How to File Charges

Truck accidents can cause a considerable amount of physical and emotional trauma. The damage is further compounded when you think of the amount of money that you have to spend to get the truck repaired. Accidents on the road are usually caused due to the recklessness of one or both of the parties involved. Even large-scale multiple collisions are usually caused by one small mistake. If the other party didn’t follow the rules of the road or failed to adhere to the traffic guidelines, their actions might cause an accident. The following paragraphs provide details on how to file charges against a truck that was driving carelessly.

Consult an Attorney

The first thing that you need to do is to consult an attorney who has experience in dealing with truck accidents in Allentown, PA. Trucking companies are generally well aware that the victim is in their most vulnerable state right after the accident occurs. A person who has just narrowly avoided death on the road is obviously going to be mentally shaken. The trucking company might send a representative to meet with you in an effort to minimize the company’s liability. However, your attorney will tell you not to talk to the agents directly. Instead, let your attorney handle all negotiations to get the highest possible compensation.

Decide the Next Course of Action

Truck accidents can cause severe emotional trauma. Most people who are involved in large accidents often find it difficult to ever get behind the wheel again. The attorney will first contact your insurance company to ensure that they will pay for the costs of treatment. Once your medical bills have been taken care of, the attorney will go after the trucking company. They will demand a sizeable compensation amount based on the extent of damage caused and the emotional trauma that you had to face.

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