Three Tips for Controlling Rodents on Your Farm in McGehee, AR

Does your farm have a rodent problem? Mice, rats and other rodents are more than just a nuisance. They can destroy crops, ruin stored grain or feed and spread disease to pets, people and livestock. If you’re struggling to control the rodent population on your property, consider these three tips to help evict your unwanted guests.

Deploy Predators on Your Property

Cats and dogs are one of the oldest methods of rodent control. Rescues and shelters often have barn cat programs for farmers needing pest management. While any cat can take out a rodent population, ratting dogs are specifically bred and trained for the task.

Reduce Nesting and Breeding Areas

Weeding out the nooks and crannies they call home is another effective way to get rid of rodents. Consult with pest management services in McGehee AR, to make sure all rodent habitats are removed from your property.

Use Poison as a Last Resort

Although poison may seem like an easy solution to your rodent problem, the danger it poses to pets and children means it should be used only as a last resort. Poisons should only be used by professional pest management services.

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