Benefits of Fertilizer Applicators

Whether you own a large farm with acres of land, or you have a ½ acre yard with a garden, fertilizer applicators can make your life much easier. Here are just a few benefits of fertilizer applicators:


Imagine having to fertilize your plants and crops by hand on a regular basis. The time wasted would be astronomical. With fertilizer applicators, you just fill up your tank and go. There are a number of different sizes and styles of applicators to choose from, so no matter how big your land is or how many crops you need to take care of, there is an applicator that is sure to suit your needs.


Time is money. And when you save time, you save money. Once you’ve finished with your applications, you can move on to other, more important tasks and stay productive. Increased productivity means increased revenue. Also, by using an applicator for your crops, you will be able to tend to them in a timely manner, reducing the risk of crops dying off or becoming diseased from insects and other pests.

Bigger Crop Yields

Fertilizer applicators place nutrients at the root of the plant, a feat that is difficult to accomplish by hand. This results in bigger, more nutritious crops. When you increase the nutrient uptake your crops will not only be bigger and more nutritious, but they will taste better too. From field to table, your crops will transform into nutritional powerhouses that will leave taste buds wanting more.

Choosing the right applicator

Choosing the right applicator for your needs will take some thought and planning. For very large farm operations, a tank attached to a large, sturdy frame (which is then hitched to a tractor) may be an ideal solution. For smaller farms, a smaller sized tank with an attached hose may be all you need. Tank capacities vary, anywhere from 850 – 2000 gallons.

Nutrient Stewardship

Use the Right Source, plant at the Right Rate, the Right Time and the Right Place. These are the 4 R’s of nutrient stewardship to ensure bigger, better crops. Using the right fertilizer at the right time and the right rate goes a long way to keeping with the 4R’s and this is becoming recognized as a key goal in the farming industry.

Fertilizer applicators are an important part of the growing process and it’s just as important to choose the right type and the right size for your sized operation.

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