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Three Things to Remember While Remodeling Your Kitchen

Looking for ways to make your kitchen remodeling project go smoother? Here are three tips from the pros that you’ll be glad you knew ahead of time:

Spend Right

There are disadvantages to both under-spending and over-spending, when it comes to revamping your kitchen. Upgrading your favorite room can run anywhere from a thousand or two to $50,000 or more. It all depends on what you’re having done – and that depends largely on choosing the right investments.

If your home is inexpensive, you don’t need a luxury kitchen – unless you’re planning to methodically upgrade the whole house over time. Likewise, if you live in a beautiful, stately home on the upper end of your local market’s price range, don’t scrimp on the investments for your new kitchen. It could hamper any attempts to sell your property later – not to mention look pretty bad in the meantime!

Space Right

Where should your appliances go? What about your sink? As a general rule of thumb, most of your large appliances and all of your plumbing-reliant items should remain in the same location – even if you replace those items themselves. A new sink is nice, but it needs to be put right back in the same space as the old one. Moving plumbing is not impossible, but it can cause prices to skyrocket to unmanageable levels – and takes a very long time.

Save Right

Want to preserve a few of the current features from your kitchen? You can do that and still have a fresh, new look. Hang onto your current kitchen cabinets by refinishing them, for example. They will look as good as new but still fit perfectly into your space – and your budget.

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