These Types of Knives Are Perfect for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Pocket knives are the perfect complement to add to your arsenal of weaponry. In addition to using them for protection and self-defense, they are also useful in applications that include outdoor cooking, kindling, and more. Perhaps you have been thinking about acquiring your first pocket knife for an upcoming camping trip or would like to add to your collection of knives, but are unsure which type of knife to purchase.

Automatic Knives

Automatic knives provide quick deplorability capabilities. These types of knives are perfect for outdoor escapes like camping and fishing. They can be deployed by a touch of a button, allowing you to multitask with ease without risking accidental injuries.

Out the Front Knives

OTF or out the front knives can be considered to fall under the automatic knives category. As its name implies, the blade for this type of knife is automatically deployed through the top or through the front of the body or handle of the knife when pushing the release button. OTF Automatic knives are extremely popular in fishing applications or situations that require repetitive use.

It’s Decision Time, Are You Ready?

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