What Is a Microtech Automatic Knife Exactly and What Does It Do?

Microtech automatic knives are growing in popularity with knife collectors. If you have never seen or heard of microtech automatic knives, you might be wondering what they are, what it is they do, and whether or not it is worth it to purchase a few for your collection. (Not everybody sells them, which is another drawback to finding out more about them.)

What a Microtech Automatic Knife Is

An automatic knife is one that works like a switchblade. It springs open to reveal a handle and a very sharp blade. Microtech refers to the fact that these knives have been desiged to be a lot smaller than most switchblades. In most cases these knives are small enough to carry in a pocket and go undetected until you need it. To fold it back up you just fold the blade back inward until you hear a click that lets you know the knife is properly closed.

The Small Compact Spring Blade Allows You to Carry Protection with You Safely

A knife in a sheath is fine, but it is often difficult to carry around and more difficult to conceal. There are safety concerns there too. A microtech knife can be carried with ease and safety inside your pocket. In fact, they are so compact you can carry more than one in your pocket and still walk around comfortably. They do come with their own sheath, but you don’t have to carry them strapped onto your belt. For more information or to purchase these knives, contact

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