The Medically Vulnerable Suffer During Electrical Outages in Bend, OR

If someone in your household needs oxygen or a CPAP machine, an electrical outage could be a matter of life or death. Or, if you depend on electricity to heat your home over the Central Oregon winters, knowing an emergency electrician in Bend is essential.

To help prevent an electrical outage consider whole-home surge protection and an emergency generator. An electrical surge is an abrupt spike in electricity flowing through your home’s system. This type of surge can blow circuits and destroy sensitive electronic equipment. Not only that, but a surge could also even result in an electrical fire.

Other electrical upgrades, such as new outlets or a modern electrical panel, can also safeguard your home from power surges and blown circuits.

Outages of the electrical grid are increasingly common, putting medically vulnerable people at risk. Installing a backup generator is a smart move if someone in your home depends on an oxygen machine or other life-saving medical equipment. The next time the electricity goes out, your home will still be up and running. Emergency generators are expensive, but it can be worth it if a family member depends on a medical device to survive.

However, until you can upgrade your home’s electrical system or install an emergency generator, keep the phone number of an emergency electrician in Bend on hand. They’ll be able to fix your problem as soon as it’s possible.

Ponderosa Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical can provide your Central Oregon home with complete electrical service and maintenance.

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