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The importance of clean air ducts in a commercial building

A commercial building such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility will typically generate a great deal of dirt and debris during a typical working day. This can be cleaned up but never can these places be cleaned completely; airborne dust and other debris are being sucked into the HVAC system. As typical HVAC systems are integrated systems, these contaminates invariably show up in the office or showroom in short order. With an ongoing source of contaminates it is hard to keep things clean and sanitary. One effective way to combat this problem is to bring in professionals that do commercial air duct cleaning. There are numerous benefits to cleaning the ducts in your building.

Makes it easier to keep the office clean:

Janitorial staff can come in every night and clean the surfaces, vacuum the carpets, wash the floors and more but the one place they never get to is the air ducts. Air ducts in commercial buildings are normally embedded into the structure and not easily accessible. Professionals have sophisticated equipment that will let them look at the condition of the ducts as well as clean them. Once the debris, dust and dirt have been eliminated the interior of the ducts is sealed with a rubberized membrane.

Reduce allergens:

Many people suffer from allergies, if they are your employees you are not doing them or yourself any favors by allowing airborne allergens in to trigger asthma attacks or allergies. Commercial air duct cleaning clears dirt and pollen from the ducts, reducing the possibility of it being constantly re-circulated by the HVAC system.

Reduce odors:

Manufacturing facilities by nature will produce odors from various processes that are being carried out; these odors can easily permeate the office area making it uncomfortable for workers to be as productive as they should be. Paint and other materials used for finishing products can easily be drawn into the ducts, duct cleaning and sealing will solve this problem. For more information visit Duct Armor.

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