The Health Benefits of Pet Grooming in Everett

Most dogs love to play outside. They roll in the mud; they sniff piles of unmentionably gross things; they jump all over each other and create dust storms out of nowhere. And, it’s obvious to any attentive owner that these activities bring their pups great happiness. If people could derive half as much enjoyment from anything as their dogs do from covering themselves in filth and then rolling all over the clean carpets, life for everyone would be so simple.

But, all of the mud, dust, and tangled fur that comes from outdoor play can be a detriment to your dog’s and your family’s health if you don’t have your furry friend bathed regularly. Scheduling a visit to the groomer will improve more than just your dog’s haircut and the state of your carpets. It’s actually essential for maintaining a healthy and happy pet. Pet Grooming in Everett can prevent common health problems before they arise.

Fleas, ticks, and other troublesome parasites and bacteria thrive on a dirty dog. If your pup’s play time is leaving his fur matted or caked with mud, you may be unwittingly creating a home for these harmful critters. A good bath can clean your furry friend’s coat, removing dead skin and fur as well as dirt and debris. Plus, medicated shampoo is helpful not only in dealing with an existing flea or tick problem but also in preventing future outbreaks. Ticks carry serious diseases that are dangerous to both dogs and humans, including Lyme disease. In addition, ongoing flea problems can eventually lead to tapeworms if untreated, as these nasty parasites live out the first part of their life cycle carried by fleas.

Not all dogs love being bathed. It can seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth to do it yourself. But, a trained groomer can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your animal to ensure that he or she will enjoy baths as much as you’ll enjoy having a nice, clean smelling dog. Business Name offers Pet Grooming in Everett to help their canine clients and their owners to avoid the damaging health effects of dirty dogs.

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