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Helpful tips for relieving pain from Runners knee

Runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome can be severely painful for people who suffer from it. It occurs when there is stress or excessive pressure on the patellofemoral joint, which results in pain or severe discomfort. The patellofemoral joint is responsible for movement in the knee and allows people to walk. Runner’s knee typically won’t show itself until you put pressure on the knee cap by jumping or even just walking up a flight of stairs. The pain that accompanies this condition can sometimes be overbearing and can create a lot of stress. Getting podiatry care in Lincoln Park will help to relieve your symptoms.

If you have acute runner’s knee, you should stick with the most common treatment which is called RICE. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Even though it is common knowledge it can’t be stressed enough, you should rest your knee and keep away from any physical activity. Ice and compression will help with the inflammation and reduce pain. Elevation of the knee should be above your heart, meaning that you should lie down and elevate your feet.

For chronic runner’s knee, it is advised that you go for physical therapy to help with long-term symptoms. If you have a chronic condition, a podiatry specialist can help create programs and exercises for you to perform at home to strengthen your knee and lighten the load on it. If you continue to do physical activities it is also advised that you tape your knee and provide proper support. The proper care is essential.

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