The Fundamentals of Graphic Design in Tampa FL

There are a number of important components that go into graphic design in Tampa FL and they hold true whether you’re working on your web site, putting together a presentation to your sales staff or writing a newsletter for your company. By having a grasp of the fundamentals the outcome of your project will be better.

Let’s begin with unity as it is the most important concept. Unity in graphic design in Tampa FL simply means that all elements on the page must look as if they are meant to be there, they must work together and by doing so the result will be considerably more than just the sum of the parts. This unity can be found in many ways, it can be as simple as using high quality black and white images throughout the presentation rather than a mixture of black and white and colored clip art. Unity can also be nothing more than a back ground that is pleasant, adds to the presentation and used consistently.

When something is done and it “works”, this is Gestalt. When the whole is far more than the sum of its parts, you have Gestalt, and graphics design in Tampa FL envision their work to be a symphony. An orchestra is made up of many different instruments played by many people. Not to say that a soloist cannot be moving but when all the instruments play in harmony the sum of the instrumental interplay far exceeds the beauty of the single instrument. When all the elements of the design are arranged perfectly and come into play at just the right time, the graphic presentation has arrived at Gestalt.

Space, or too much of it, is often misused. Just because there is space in the graphic design in Tampa FL does not mean that it has to be used for meaningless text, images, graphs or anything else. Space is good; it allows for a clear message with no clutter, space implies importance, think of interior design and how space imparts elegance and an aura of professionalism. Space is also used to the advantage of a high end retailer, think of a shopping experience in any of the high end shops on Rodeo Drive vs. the experience of clutter and lack of message in Wal-Mart.

Color, when used in graphic design in Tampa FL is used to emphasize the importance of a message, it must be used sparingly, using color for the sake of color degrades the value of the finished graphic, and the message is lost amongst unneeded color. Color is akin to fonts, when graphics contain different fonts and different font sizes the message is lost in the clutter. Color must not be used in a cosmetic manner, it is fundamental in driving the reader’s eye to the message contained within the design. The improper use of color rapidly erodes the value of the graphic.

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