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The oilfield service industry is a necessary, but sometimes dangerous industry. There are a number of hazardous locations that can cause plenty of harm. However, there are also innovative products on the market such as the rig floor computer that can withstand some of the most extreme and rugged conditions. These devices, which are often lightweight and portable, help to deliver information to the operators in order to protect the workers and the environment.

There are a number of rig floor computer models on the market and they each have their own certification. Some are good for Class 1 Division 1 while others can take even the most hazardous locations. There are products that are fully sealed as well so they can withstand high temperature changes and ranges and most of the rig floor computer options can also handle a lot of vibrations. Vibrations can be very severe with operating oil rigs and other truck-mounted systems.

Most of the rig floor computer options have to go through hazardous area certification in order to be used in application along with other items. The systems are sometimes used to monitor pumps, pressure, weight, pits, flow rates and much more.

There are a lot of products on the market that can help the oilfield industry provide reliable and high quality products. The rig floor computer options are one of those products. The Model 2900 is a rig floor computer that works under Class 1 Division 1 conditions. This computer has an ultra bright display and very high resolution along with auto-dimming features for brightness control. It has USB ports and sealed connectors that protect the Ethernet ports as well. The keyboard and mouse port are also highly protected. The LED indicator on the front panel has a heater status to help the driller know what is going on below. This device weighs 39 pounds, but it is very small and sleek so it can fit into any drilling floor. With only 16 inches in width, 14 inches in height and just over 4 inches in depth, the rig floor easily takes this particular rig floor computer.

The 2850 model is another rig floor computer that works for Class 1 Division 2 as well as zone 2. It has mounting holes that allow it to be back or bottom mounted into the rig floor. It can take high ranges of humidity and only weighs 21 pounds. IT is also more compact with only 15 inches of width and just over 12 inches of height and a mere 4 inches of depth.

With just two examples of rig floor computer options, you can see why these devices are important. Technology has created them small enough and able to withstand enough that they come in very handy on any drilling operation.

With a variety of oilfield service drilling items for hazardous locations, has been a leader helping with safety in the industry for over 25 years.

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