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The Details Make The Difference With Metal Cable Tie Mounts

Wiring in ships, metal buildings and facilities, heavy equipment, automated systems and even in vehicles has to be secured in place, the choice of metal cable tie mounts is highly recommended.

These cable tie bases can be easily and permanently attached to the structure through the use of stud welding. This creates a welded bond between the structure and the cable tie mount which does not require additional drilling, which takes time and also offers fewer options for placement of the mounts.

Additionally, with the use of the stud weld process, there is no adhesive required. Unlike adhesive, the stud weld will never pull away or let go, allowing for a durable, solid and reliable way to hold the cable securely in place on any surface and in any location.

Anti-Roll-Out Wings

The wings on the metal cable tie mounts need to be substantial enough to cradle the cable and allow the tie down to be passed through and around the cable for a secure hold.

Some of the wing designs do not provide the depth required to secure the cable in place. Others may offer the depth tub they may be too short, creating a challenge for securing the cable in place.

Coined Edges

For any type of application where there is vibration, including vehicles, aircraft, ships, equipment, machines or automated systems, it is important to ensure the edges of the metal cable tie mounts are coined.

This prevents the vibration of the equipment or system from causing the very slight movement of the cable in the cable base from causing abrasion to the cable sheath. Over time, if this occurs, it can result in cable failure, and it can be very difficult to trace back to the specific problem location.

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