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Types of Land Surveying Services Available

It’s no secret that land surveyors are heavily sought after by construction, legal zoning, and mapping companies for a variety of different tasks. There are key details about populations, topography, and legal land activities that need to be observed and recorded for many important reasons. But how many types of land surveying services are there, exactly? What can you expect a professional land surveyor to do for you? Below, a short list of the different types of land survey services can help you understand what surveying is all about, and why it is vital in many industries.

Environmental Surveying

A lot of surveyors are tasked with environmental surveys in order to monitor what’s going on with the land itself. This is important for geotrackers and topographical interests, and can provide a lot of beneficial information to archaeologists and environmentalists alike. These types of surveyors will typically use equipment such as high-definition cameras, boundary recording tools, and more.

Telecom Surveying

Telecommunications companies are very interested in pieces of land for legal, construction, and communication reasons. It’s essential that they receive an accurate view of what’s going on with the land and the population in order to decide how they can best receive their legal certifications for building in that area. A telecom surveyor will use EDM and GPS systems to track rooftops and man-made structures, gathering information that includes population statistics and land changes over time.


Land surveys and mapping requires a variety of high-tech resources along with a high level of accuracy and mathematics. These kinds of surveys are done for the state governments, or for construction companies. Mapping surveys are performed to determine what kind of requirements are in place for building on that specific piece of land, plus how zoning laws are being reinforced. There may also be additional information to be provided such as how high a building can be built, what population limits there are, and any other legal details.

A mapping surveyor will typically use 3D laser scanning tools and other surveying equipment for quick recording times and accurate information. This kind of information helps developers, architects, demolition companies, and more with their building requirements.

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