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The Benefits Of Treatment And IVF Cost In San Antonio

Texas women who have faced difficulties in becoming pregnant should consider IVF treatments. These options allow your doctor to help you reproduce through an alternative manner. In basic, the treatments involve an implantation process that allows the doctor to replace eggs that have been fertilized back into the womb to allow them to become pregnant more successfully. If you wish to learn more about this process, you should Contact Fertility of Texas today.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, patients undergo hormone therapy based on the requirements determined by their doctor. This process is conducted and monitored. Next, the patient receives the fertility medications. The doctor will utilize blood tests and ultrasounds to determine the most beneficial time to extract eggs. The removal process occurs just before the patient begins to ovulate.

A needle is used to pull egg samples from the patient’s ovaries. The process is performed on an outpatient process, and she should be able to return to her normal activities afterward. The doctor will administer a local anesthesia to prevent any discomfort from the needle. During this process, the male specimen is collected. Once both samples are examined, the fertilization procedure is performed. The eggs are implanted no later than eighteen hours after successful fertilization occurs.

When Donor Eggs are Needed

Patients who do not procedure viable egg samples can acquire donor eggs. These eggs are collected anonymously within the local area. All donors are screened for diseases and potential problems. A male sample may also be obtained if the prospective father is sterile.

How Much Does It Cost?

The IVF Cost in San Antonio TX averages at $3,500. This includes one collection, fertilization, and implantation. However, if it is not successful, the process starts over. Most major medical insurance will cover the cost of the treatments. Typically, the patient will pay a deductible and about twenty percent of the total cost for the procedure and doctor visits.

Some women put off the idea of IVF treatments due to the cost or a lack of adequate insurance. However, select doctors may provide the procedures on a payment plan or discounted rate. The process presents women who have experienced issues with getting pregnant with the chance to become a mother finally. If you wish to learn more about these treatments or IVF Cost in San Antonio TX today, you can visit the website or contact your preferred doctor.

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