The Benefits Of Slate Roofing In Greenwich, CT

Homeowners who want an attractive and unique roofing material for their homes should consider slate roofing tiles. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, a slate roof has many other benefits too. If you’re interested in contacting a Slate Roofing Greenwich CT, area company to install a slate roof, read about the many benefits of this roofing material below.

Energy Efficient

Homeowners who have a slate roof installed on their homes enjoy the energy savings that this type of roof provides. This material has insulating properties that help to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. An insulating roof keeps the inside of a home more comfortable, and the furnace and air conditioner doesn’t have to run as much.


When a Slate Roofing Greenwich CT, area company installs slate roofs, families are safer from fires. This material is naturally fire resistant, and it isn’t combustive, so it’s one of the safest types of roofs that can be installed on a home.

Cost Effective

Slate may have a higher upfront cost than other roofing materials but, because of its durability and low maintenance, it’s very cost effective. A slate roof can last over 50 years, so it may be the only roof that you’ll ever put on the house. A Slate Roofing Greenwich CT, area company that has experience working with slate can quickly install this type of roof on a home. Hiring an experienced company also keeps the labor costs down. Slate tiles are heavy, so they won’t blow off a roof like other roofing materials can, and homeowners don’t have to pay for expensive roof repairs after a storm.

Environmentally Friendly

Since slate is a natural stone, it makes this type of roof very environmentally friendly. Unlike other roofing materials that must be made in a manufacturing plant, slate naturally comes from the earth, and it’s the perfect choice for homeowners who do their part to help save the planet.

JM Roofing & Siding in Greenwich CT provides residential roofing services, emergency roof repair, and siding installation. This company specializes in the installation of various roofing materials including asphalt shingles, metal, copper, cedar and slate roofs.

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