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The Best Cheap Cigar Sizes and Shapes

One of the best things about being a cigar smoker is that there are so many different varieties to choose from. Not only are there a number of different flavors, but there are also quite a few different sizes to choose from as well. Not everyone is a fan of the fat and wide cigars that you see being smoked on TV shows and movies. There are others that exist that are equally high in quality and taste. Here are some of the best cheap cigar shapes and sizes available.


The most common cigar shape is the Parejo with is sometimes referred to as “coronas.” The Parejo has been the benchmark in which all other types of cigars are measured. The body of the Parejo is shaped like a cylinder with sides that are straight and has one end open and the other end which must be sliced off before smoking. When shopping for the best cheap cigars online, you will often see them referred to as cigarillos, robustos, or coronas.


The figurado is not quite as common as the Parejo but equally as flavorful. They are considered to be higher in quality because they are more challenging to make. Back in the 19th century, these were the most popular cigar shapes but eventually fell out of style and disappeared. However, there has been a sudden popularity resurgence and there are a lot of manufacturers who are jumping on board to sell this particular cigar shape. You will typically see these cigars referred to as Torpedoes, Pyramids, or Tuscans.


A cigarillo is a cigar that is created with a machine and is much narrower and shorter than the traditional cigar but a bit bigger than a little cigar. They are typically not filtered but many of them do have wood or plastic tips, and are not supposed to be inhaled. You can purchase these types in singles, two-packs, and more. They are relatively inexpensive especially in the United States. It is considered to be one of the best cheap cigars available.

While this only a few of the shapes that are available when it comes to cigars, they are definitely some of the most popular. The good thing is you can find a cigar style to fit your budget and your overall preference. From beginner to aficionado, there are so many cigar styles to choose from. Pine Cigars has some of the best cheap cigars available for online purchase. Visit their website to learn more about the different types of cigars they offer.

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