The Benefits of Adding Sod to Junction City, KS Properties

Have you ever wondered why some businesses, golf courses, and public areas always have such lush, green grass? They look that way because their owners or caretakers have installed professionally-grown sod instead of seeding the ground. When experts such as Cranmer Grass Farming, Inc., install Sod Junction City KS home and business owners add beauty and value to properties and reduce maintenance.

Sod Adds Value to Property

Professionally-installed sod can convert property into lush landscaping in just a few hours. The expertly cultivated grass can be cut to fit any type of yard, including those with steep slopes and ditches. It instantly increases property beauty and value. After professionals install Sod Junction City KS customers can walk on it in a short time. It creates a cool surface that stays comfortable, even in the hottest months.

Sod Creates Eco-Friendly Comfort

Sod is good for the soil and turf sod is actually a natural filter that helps create a healthier environment. It can stop soil erosion and protect groundwater. Sod also cleans the air. By installing Sod Junction City KS clients minimize the sun’s glare and reduce noise. Since it is much cooler than asphalt or bare dirt, sod also provides an overall cooling affect that equals the effects of air conditioning.

Sod Professionals Help Clients Care for Lawns

Before they install Sod Junction City KS professionals will help you choose the type that fits your soil and maintenance needs. Professionals can include base prep that helps ensure a strong root system. They can educate you about how to keep your new lawn green and healthy and teach you to recognize the signs of problems. Installers educate you about how animals can affect your grass, how long you need to wait before using it, and what seasonal maintenance you need. They also offer fertilization products and guides that get your lawn ready for each season.

Professionally-grown and installed sod adds instant value and curb appeal to properties and helps conserve natural resources. Many home and business owners also enjoy its cooling affects and the fact that it looks beautiful with just basic maintenance.



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