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The Advantages of Wearing Invisalign in Franklin to Straighten Teeth

As an adult, you realize what an embarrassment and hassle that it can be to have crooked teeth. You not only worry about the way that you look to others. You also understand that your misaligned teeth make it difficult to speak and chew food.

However, you also do not want to bother with wearing metal braces on your teeth for years. This look is something that is commonly associated with teenagers rather than adults. Instead of opting for traditional braces, you can instead straighten your teeth just as well, if not better, by choosing Invisalign in Franklin today.

Near Invisible Braces

The main perk that comes with these braces is the fact that they are nearly invisible on your teeth. As their name implies, they blend in with the color and appearance of your teeth. When people look at you, they cannot tell that you are wearing braces.

However, the braces pull and maneuver your teeth back into alignment just like metal braces. Every few months, your dentist adjusts them to continue the alignment process. You end up with a set of teeth that is perfectly aligned just as if you had worn metal braces the entire time.

Many insurers also cover most or all the costs of these near-invisible braces. You can find out more about Invisalign in Franklin online. To make an appointment for a consultation, you can contact Griffin Orthodontics.

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