The Advantages Of Senior Care Services

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Health Care

Now that modern medicine prevents so many diseases that caused a much shorter life span in past centuries, people are living much longer and seniors make up a large percentage of our population. Senior care services have been established to help make the lives of those who populated the world before we were born and were major factors of our earliest days more comfortable and healthy. There are several different types of senior care services, depending on the health of the elderly person, their needs and preferences, and those of their family.

What Are Senior Care Services?

Senior care services are designed to help the elderly to age comfortably, safely, and with dignity. They provide healthcare and medical care, and they also benefit the family of the elderly man or woman by giving them the assurance that their loved one is in the best hands. Senior care services come in many different forms; here is a description of a few of them:

-Assisted Living Facilities – These are probably the most well-known form of senior care services. They include nursing homes, retirement centers, and special homes for elderly people suffering from terminal illnesses or mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. At an assisted living facility, an elderly patient will be given full medical treatment, in addition to always having companionship, plenty of nutritious food, and everything else they may need to always be comfortable and happy. Special activities are often planned, and the family and friends of the elderly person can visit them.

-In Home Care – If a man or woman is starting to find it too difficult to live independently, but they are not quite ready to move out of their home, they can receive in home care. First they will be evaluated so as to determine the state of their physical and mental health, then a geriatric care manager will find the best in home companion and caregiver to suit their needs. The in home caregiver will frequently check up on the health of the senior, help them with household tasks, drive them to where they need to go, and act as a friend and neighbor so they won’t feel alone when their family or friends cannot be with them. To know more about Senior care services visit Capital City Nurses. You can also find them on Facebook.

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