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In the past, dental treatments were often cumbersome, and patients had to wait days or even weeks for them to be completed. Off-site dental labs created crowns and veneers. Patients were required to have messy impressions made and then had to wait for their dental impressions to be sent to a lab. Today, there is CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic). This latest technology can allow a dentist to restore a person’s smile in as little as one visit.

The CEREC computer is attached to a milling machine which allows it to create a perfect crown or veneer in minutes. There is no longer a long wait time which is why many patients are seeking Cerec Dentistry Las Vegas. The entire procedure occurs in one visit so a patient can walk in with an unattractive smile and leave with a beautiful one.

The first part of the procedure will involve the dentist examining the patient to see what type of treatment they will need. If there is a decayed tooth or an old amalgam filling, the dentist will remove the filling or decay and then film the tooth with the CEREC machine. The computer allows the dentist to formulate the perfect crown, filling or veneer so it can be adhered to the patient’s tooth within a matter of minutes.

The milling machine uses small pieces of ceramic that are chosen by the dentist to match with the patient’s tooth coloring. The ceramic is placed in the machine and begins to be shaped immediately. Once the veneer, filling or crown has been created, the dentist will adhere it to the patient’s tooth, so it stays in place for many years. With Cerec Dentistry Las Vegas, patients can have beautiful smiles to cover up stains, decay, injuries and malformations.

Those interested in learning more about Cerec Dentistry Las Vegas should visit the website of Desert Breeze Dental in Las Vegas. They can provide patients with the beautiful smiles they have always longed for without the long wait times. Contact Desert Breeze Dental today and schedule an appointment to get started on creating your beautiful smile.

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