The 4 Most Common Massage Therapy Ft Campbell TN Types

Massage Therapy Ft Campbell TN can be done for fun or for health and maintenance. Unbeknownst to many, different massages have different uses. Below are just four of the most common mainstream massage types that one will find in a traditional chiropractic office.

Swedish: Most people know a traditional massage as a Swedish massage, even if they do not know the name. Massage involves long gliding strokes with the hands going along the back. Usually, a Swedish massage is a back-and-forth between the long strokes in the deep circles that go over the area. Some massage therapist may incorporate light tapping or like pinching into their routine. There are lots of various ways to implement Swedish massage, so keep in mind that no specific massage will be like another. Some therapists place a larger emphasis on the strokes while others skip the vibrating and tapping stage entirely.

Sports Maintenance: sports enthusiasts need to get a very specific type of massage to maintain healthy muscle tissue and a healthy overall figure. The focus of the sports massage is to make sure the patient is more resilient to injuries. It is also a strategy used if an individual had an injury in the recent past related to sports. The sports massage will help recover that area faster, as well as strengthen it moving forward.

Trigger Massage: this is a clinical style massage that is rarely used at the day spa. A trigger massage is intimately focused in one area of the body, specifically where injury has occurred. The Massage Therapy Ft Campbell TN emphasize the muscle fibers in that area, and they use delicately pointed strategies to relieve the muscle tension and maintain its health. This could include stretching the muscle as well.

Deep Massage: A lot of Swedish massage strategies do not necessarily get into the deep tissue of the muscles. A lot of the long strokes and circular motions hit the surface muscles, which is acceptable in certain circumstances. A deep tissue massage will often deploy the use of one’s elbow for more applied pressure. Deep tissue massage is most specifically used in accidents not necessarily related to sports.

There are roughly 30 different massage types used in United Chiropractic Clinic Clarksville TN. Visit the local chiropractor to get a feeling for the different types of massages, and which one is most beneficial.

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