Sand Blasting in CT Is Just Part of Superior Monument Services

Whether clients need to have a custom grave marker made or want to restore an older memorial, stone monument specialists can help. Experts like Shelley Brothers Monuments have decades of experience creating unique stonework and can adapt to any client’s choices. In addition, they offer a range of restoration services that include re-lettering, painting, and Sand Blasting in CT.

Experts Guide Client Choices

Although many customers are not aware of it, most cemeteries have rules about what types of memorials can be used. Some allow only small grave markers, while others are fine with large, elaborate crypts or very larger monuments. However, memorial specialists know these regulations, so they can recommend the correct products and then customize them. They are well aware that their clients are often grieving and stressed, so they make sure that even the smallest markers are elegant.

Craftsmen Design Custom Memorials

Stone memorial experts use old-world craftsmanship and modern technology to create custom designs. They are often called on to make the monuments that customers have envisioned. As a result, professionals may provide inspirational galleries at sites They help customers choose from stone colors like gray, mountain rose, mahogany, and black. Clients are offered a choice of fonts and lettering in a variety of sizes. Craftsmen will add any requested emblems and carvings. In addition, they build memorials in a wide range of sizes and contours.

Professionals Restore Grave Stones

Over time even the best quality stone markers can be affected by weather, mold, and even hard water. Lettering may wear down and markers become hard to read and discolored. However, monument specialists offer a variety of ways to restore the stones. Depending on the material, they may use on-site Sand Blasting in CT. Professionals gently and precisely clean memorials with this and other processes. In addition, they can paint memorials, restore lettering, and even modify carved information.

The stone experts who create grave memorials can customize them in any way that clients want. In addition, they guide customers to choose the type of memorials allowed by cemeteries. They also restore and modify existing grave stones using a variety of methods. Visit website for more details.

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