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Terra Cotta Repairs: Addressing the Basics

Terra Cotta is found in many homes across North America; formed into tiles, they give a charm to a kitchen or sunroom. They create a setting that is beautiful, but the material itself is not without its problems. In some cases, terra cotta repairs require the homeowner to correct simple errors, while in others, the process is more complex and is best left to the professionals.

What Is Terra Cotta?

The easiest way to describe terra cotta (or terracotta) is to refer to it as a clay-like substance. For centuries, it has been employed in a vast variety of projects to make:

 * Buildings
 * Walls
 * Flowerpots
 * Water pipes
 * Sewage pipes
 * Sculpture
 * Ornate façades and embellishments of structures
 * Tiles
 * Bricks
 * Roofing

Flowerpots represent one end of the spectrum in which terra cotta has found employment. The now famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses epitomize the other end. These comprise the famous Terra Cotta Army of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang of the 2nd century BCE. Unlike many other representatives of such ancient times, these do not require extensive terra cotta repairs.

Why Terra Cotta?

Builders throughout the centuries for several reasons have used terra cotta since it was readily available and easily produced, and it was both fire and water-resistant. The lightness of the material – particularly when compared to brick and stone, made it easier to move and lift and position into place.

Terra cotta can also be quite durable. To add to the appeal, modern techniques not only help strengthen it, they can seal in the natural look. As a result, terra cotta has not only retained popularity in the decorative arts but also as a material for accenting the home. Yet, like brick, stone and other natural materials, sometimes terra cotta repairs are necessary to maintain the original appearance.

Terra Cotta Repairs

Terra cotta repairs are often the result of one major issue: scratches. This is more common if they are placed on the floor in a heavily-travelled area of the home or on a well-used surface. Damages may also occur if the manufacturing process has produced a flawed tile. Another possibility is faulty installment. If you have had someone working on areas nearby or consistently placing material on the surface, this can also cause cracks to appear over time.

If this occurs, the response may be easy: replace the tile. If you are considering this or less serious terra repairs, talk to a professional in the field since they know all about terra cotta and can make it easier for you to find and replace. They can also provide you with terra cotta repairs that restore your floor, counter or wall to its original look.

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