Starrett Tools Are The Gold Standard For Expertly-Crafted Precision Measurement Tools

When it comes to precision measurement tools, there are only a handful of manufacturers around the world that are universally recognized as top providers of quality tools. Starrett Tools is one such company and has been since the late part of the 1800s.

As an American company, Starrett now has manufacturing plants for its tools outside of the headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts and in different countries around the world. Each is set up to produce some of the lines of precision measuring tools, M1 lubricant as well as precision machined drill rod and flat stock.

The company is also known for its metrology equipment, multi-sensor measuring systems and optical measuring projectors. While a large international company, Starrett Tools is also able to develop these types of systems for specific customers to meet unique measurement needs.

Precision Measurement Tools

The hallmark of the company is quality precision measuring tools. Each tool is carefully crafted and verified through an exacting quality control system. In addition, the company stands behind every one of the precision measuring tools they sell and will repair or replace the tool, should it be inaccurate or defective, at no cost to the customer.

All of the tools produced are designed to meet or exceed the standards and requirements put forth by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. This includes the company maintaining grand master gage blocks used for production.

Options in Products

The line of precision measurement tools is impressive. They offer precision rules, straight edges, micrometers, protractors and angle measurement tools. They also offer squares, calipers, indicators and machinist’s levels as we well as data collection software that can be used with their precision tools.

The company specializes in a range of different gages. This includes height, depth, bore and hole and slot gages. They also provide gage amplifiers as well as surface and hardness testers that can be found in both portable as well as bench mounted designs. These gages, as with other tools offered by the company are designed with accuracy, quality and durability in mind, making them a great investment.

To round out the offerings from Starrett Tools, there is a full line of machinist’s precision shop tools. While not specifically used for measurement these production based tools are highly precise and designed to provide the level of fabrication needed in any type of fabrication and manufacturing.

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