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Some Misconceptions Commonly Heard by a Child Support Lawyer in Torrance, CA

When a couple with children is planning to get divorced, both individuals may have misconceptions about child support. Some of those misconceptions are based on facts and others are not. A Child Support Lawyer in Torrance CA can represent either side in a case in which everything about the divorce is relatively straightforward except for the matter of providing financial support.

Support Modification

The amount of monthly child support is set by a standard schedule according to income, but family court judges can modify the amount. That is intended to protect both the recipient and the parent responsible for paying. For instance, the support-paying parent cannot simply quit his or her job and expect those payments to be lowered. A Child Support Lawyer in Torrance CA representing the custodial parent will successfully argue that intentional reduction of income is not a valid reason to avoid paying the original amount required.

It can even be difficult to convince a judge to lower payments if the person loses income because of a temporary or permanent layoff or being terminated. The judge may believe this individual should be able to get a similar position quickly. This noncustodial parent needs legal representation by an attorney with a firm such as Shook & Associates Inc. Visit the website to learn about this particular organization.

Indirect Money Usage

Once a parent begins making support payments, the person may believe the custodial parent must spend the money directly on the children. If there’s no evidence the kids require that much cash for food, clothing, school supplies, and other items, the parent may want to protest this in court. However, the recipient is also expected to use this money for other relevant expenses, including rent or a mortgage, as well as utility bills.

Additional Amounts

The parent may believe a once-monthly payment set by the schedule or the court is all that will be required. But, in the future, additional amounts may be added. The children may be allowed to attend a private school that has tuition. There may be private music lessons, fees for athletic activities, and more. Visit the website for more information.

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