4 Indications Your Teen Needs to Go to Rehab

It’s not always easy to tell if your teen is abusing drugs, at least not until it’s too late. But paying attention to the following signs can help you figure it out. That way, you can help your child seek out treatment at a reputable Colorado Springs Teen Rehab center that much sooner.

Odd smells

That’s a common sign. If your teen is using a new deodorant, he may be trying to mask the smell of marijuana-laced smoke in his room or clothes, Drug Abuse says.

Glazed expressions

This in itself isn’t conclusive. A lot of teenagers go around with glazed expressions mainly over of some things: their favorite movie star, rock band or crush. But if your kid goes around looking stoned all the time, that’s a bad sign.


There’s a difference between teen angst and drug abuse. If your teen is showing signs of drastic mood swings, and if those mood swings occur right along with all the other symptoms on this list, then there’s a big possibility that your child may be doing drugs. Look for help as soon as you find out. Work out your options until you find a Colorado Springs Teen Rehab center that fits your child’s needs.

Lack of passion

Your child used to love soccer and sci-fi shows. Now, he doesn’t show any signs of interest or passion in the activities or hobbies he used to love. That could be an indication of stress, or it could be drug abuse. Find out what’s causing the problem by doing a bit of investigation on your own. Look for drug taking paraphernalia such as roll-ups and tin boxes. If you see these in your child’s room or things, then that’s a strong indication of drug use. Don’t waste any more time. Get her to a rehab facility for the help she needs.

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