Smart Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

Professional drivers who are on the road everyday see a lot of dumb driver errors that could easily be avoided if people took the time to stop and think. You may think that truckers, limo drivers and cabbies are working with the advantage of the Vehicle Tracking System Long Island companies use to keep their drivers safe and on the best routes possible, but professional drivers also depend on their own experience and safe driving practices to avoid accidents. Here are some smart driving tips to keep you safe.

Stay Focused

Avoiding distraction is at the top of any good drivers’ safety list. Whether you are changing the tunes on the radio, texting, drinking coffee or trying to light a cigarette allowing yourself to focus on driving and putting everything else aside will always keep you safe. Because you are more focused you can also look for clues from other drivers when something is going wrong like constant breaking, nervous hesitant driving or someone that is winding in and out of lanes. All of these signs mean you are driving with drivers who may not be as safe as you are and you can try to manoeuvre away from them to avoid trouble.

Avoid Back Ups and Left Turns

Try to situate yourself so you never have to back up. Sometimes it is unavoidable like a money parking spot that pops up just as you are passing by, but for the most part avoiding back ups will keep you safer. The same goes for turning left. More accidents are caused by left hand turns than right and also result in far worse injury for the driver.

Adjust those Mirrors

If your mirrors are adjusted properly you will not have to look over your shoulder, a dangerous practice that takes your eyes off the road ahead. Side mirrors and your rear view mirror should allow you to see the cars behind you. If you look into your outside mirrors and see your own car they are not adjusted properly.

Let People Know you’re there

Use your car lights in bad weather and well before sun set. Also always use your signals to let people know you are changing lanes or planning to turn. And of course make sure they are off once you have made your move.

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