Signs Your Teen is Struggling with Drug Abuse

It’s hard enough worrying about your teenager going through normal problems: math tests, peer pressure, and crushes. But if his grades are dropping, he seems to have a different set of friends, and every little thing leads to an argument, your teen may be doing drugs. Before you start looking for a top Colorado drug rehab center, here are signs to watch out for.

Behavioral changes

Teen angst is different from mental angst. It’s normal for your teenager to argue with his siblings and even be moody. But if he’s exhibiting extreme moodiness, always seems to be looking for money, or displaying manic behavior, then those could be signs that your teen has a drug abuse problem, the Psychology Today says.

Physical changes

Do you notice any drastic changes in your son’s appetite? Is he showing poor coordination? Are his eyes red and does he sniffle incessantly? If these physical changes coincide with the behavioral changes above, then find a way to talk to your child. The sooner you and your teen have that talk, the sooner you can both concentrate on getting him the help he needs.

Emotional changes

Mood swings are normal, but if your teen is withdrawn and depressed, then your teen may be dealing with mental issues along with substance problems. Find out what’s wrong when you talk to your teen about treatment. Make him a part of the process. Find a top Colorado drug rehab center together. That’s going to help you get your son’s recovery.

Home and school changes

Low grades, skipping school and even loss of interest in the things he used to be passionate about could all be signs of drug abuse. If you suspect drug abuse is involved, talk to your son’s teacher. If your suspicions are true, then get started on finding your teen help.

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