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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bail Agent in Stamford, CT

Bail bondsmen provide a necessary service during a difficult time, but unfortunately, there are a lot of less-than-reputable bonding companies out there. That’s why it’s essential that readers who are looking to post bail for their loved ones take the time to investigate the companies they are working with. Read on to find a few questions that readers should make a point of asking a bail agent in Stamford, CT before enlisting their services.

What Percentage of the Bail Must Be Paid?

The majority of reputable bail bondsmen charge around 10% of the set bail to provide services and there are often additional fees as well. It may seem like a good idea to hire a bail agent that will charge less money, but readers who choose to do so will likely encounter hidden fees later down the line. Instead, look for a bail agent in Stamford, CT that follows industry standards and offers payment plans to make it easier for their clients to pay.

Is the Company Licensed?

Bail bond agents must carry appropriate state licenses. They should be willing to provide their companies’ license numbers to potential clients, who can then check their standing with licensing agencies. This allows those who are interested in enlisting their services to check for complaints against the company to ensure that they will be protected.

How Long Will It Take to Have the Incarcerated Party Released?

While bail agents tend to have very little control over release dates and times, they should always be straightforward with their clients about what to expect. Agents who offer set dates are simply trying to close the deal and are not concerned about whether the information they have provided is correct. That being said, bail agents should be familiar with each jail in their jurisdiction’s average processing times and should be willing to offer this more general information to their clients.

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