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4 ways in which you can put an end to sexual harassments & lawsuits

Sexual harassments & discrimination lawsuits aren’t a new thing anymore. Reports suggest that several lawsuits have been filed against employers or the main staff in the past few years. A sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuit will certainly ruin the reputation of your company. It is thus recommended that you implement precautionary steps to prevent such lawsuits.

How to avoid sexual harassments & discrimination lawsuits?

Following are some ways in which you can protect your company from these lawsuits.

1. Sexual Harassments & Discrimination Policy

This is the place to begin if you are serious about putting an end to sexual harassment and discrimination. It is essential that you implement a stringent policy to deal with such matters. Your company should in fact adopt a zero tolerance stance against such behaviour. Ensure that the policy is drafted with the help of experts in this field such as sexual harassment attorneys. Draft an employee handbook and include all the details and rules pertaining to sexual harassment and discrimination. Ensure that you explain these rules in simple and understandable English.

2. Routes for Filing Complaints

It is important that you employ accessible routes to your employees for filing complains regarding sexual harassment or discrimination. Some of the different routes that can be adopted are as follows:

  • Hotline Number (24/7)
  • HR department
  • Contacting the Supervisor

In addition, the atmosphere should be such that any employee can consider the option of discussing this problem with a male or female colleague.


3. Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training

Train your staff concerning sexual harassment and discrimination. They should be able to identify all forms of harassment or discrimination. Similarly, they should also be aware about verbal sexual harassment.

4. Review Meetings

It is important that you conduct yearly meetings to discuss sexual harassment and discrimination policy. Review the progress made by your company to put an end to any such incidents which might hamper the reputation of the organization. You can also conduct annual sexual harassment surveys among your employees.


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