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Seeking Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City

Oriental rugs were once thought of as mere floor coverings. Humble beginnings for what is now considered a highly valuable piece of art. They are still used in many homes from mansions to cottages as floor coverings. However, they are also found on walls as decorations and are passed down from generation to generation as prized possessions. Despite the careful attention, rugs age and they become damaged through no fault of the owner. Sometimes despite the best intentions oriental rugs fall victim to natural disasters, fire, water damage and even the lowly moth. If saving one of these lovely rugs is important to its owner, help is available with oriental rug restoration in New York City.

If Rug Restoration is desired, seek a highly qualified professional to do the repair. It takes a master craftsman to weave new life into an old, damaged oriental rug. These experts carefully match fibers by age, color. and wool. Once the fibers are chosen, they are meticulously woven by hand into the damaged areas. In this age-old practice, once the repair is completed, the client cannot even tell where the new and old areas meet. The damaged heirloom will be made like new again with Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City. There is rarely a reason to toss an oriental rug they can be restored.

The first thing to do when rug restoration is desired is to get an estimate from a well respected establishment that provides repair, restoration, and cleaning. If possible, take the rug to the professionals so they can see it in person. If this is not feasible, send very good photos of the damage as well as areas that are in good shape. The experts will be able to craft an estimate based on the photos. Ask if there are before and after photos of previous restorations the company has performed. It is good to get an idea of what is expected for the repair and/or restoration. This kind of hand repair takes time – don’t delay in obtaining the repair. Preservation of a treasured heirloom will ensure that it is enjoyed for generations yet to come.

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